Mumford & Sons respond to criticism over photo with right-wing academic Jordan Peterson

"I don’t think that having a photograph with someone means you agree with everything they say"

Mumford & Sons have responded after they faced criticism over a photo that saw them posing with controversial academic Jordan Peterson.

The photo caused an stir online last month, in the wake of Peterson’s often-criticised views on subjects such as feminism and gender identity. He has previously claimed that Islamophobia is “a word created by fascists and used by cowards to manipulate morons”, that white privilege is a “Marxist lie”, and that “The idea that women were oppressed throughout history is an appalling theory.”

Now, lead Mumford guitarist Winston Marshall has explained how he invited Peterson to the band’s London studio after becoming fascinated with his work on psychology.

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With Mumford and Sons at their London Studio

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“I primarily was very interested in Dr. Peterson’s work on psychology, read both his books and found it very, very interesting, and met him [through] a mutual acquaintance and invited him down to the studio whilst he was in London on tour, which was very interesting and one of many interesting visits [from various figures] we had in the studio”, he told CBC Radio’s Tom Power yesterday.

Marshall also responded to Power’s question of whether the band risked alienating fans who identified as feminists or LGBTQ.

“I don’t think that having a photograph with someone means you agree with everything they say”, he said.

He added, “Primarily I’m interested in his psychological stuff, which I find very interesting.”


Elaborating on Marshall’s comments, lead singer Marcus Mumford said: “Whether or not people then assume that we just endorse politics when we’re not saying anything about politics is their end choice and we certainly hope people don’t feel alienated”.

The interview came as the band announced fourth album ‘Delta’, which is set for release on November 16. They have released ‘Guiding Light’, the first track to be taken from the record.


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