This Week’s Releases: 28 May 2007

Albums and single released in the UK today

This week sees new releases from Mumm-Ra and The Pigeon Detectives.

Mumm-Ra release their debut LP ’The Things Move In Threes’ while The Pigeon Detectives release their first effort ’Wait For Me’.

On the singles front, there’s new releases from LCD Soundsystem,The Twang and Scissor Sisters.

Album releases:

Mumm-Ra – ‘The Things Move In Threes’

R Kelly – ‘Double Up’

Velvet Revolver – ‘Liberated’

Chris Cornell -‘Carry On’

The Pigeon Detectives -‘Wait For Me’


LCD Soundsystem -‘All My Friends’

Scissor Sisters – ‘Kiss You Off’

Rogue Traders – ‘Way To Go’

Omarion – ‘Entourage’

Little Ones – ‘Lovers Who Uncover’

Modest Mouse – ‘Dashboard’

Marilyn Manson – ‘Heart Shaped Glass’

Mutya Buena – ‘Real Girl’

The Twang – ‘Either Way’

Ghosts – ‘The World Is Outside’

R Kelly – ‘I’m A Flirt’

Simply Red – ‘Stay’