Mura Masa and Bülow appear on new track from Alice Longyu Gao

'She Abunai' is the NYC-based artist's first new material of 2021

Alice Longyu Gao has shared new track ‘She Abunai’, which features Mura Masa and German-Canadian singer Bülow.

The new track, which is Gao’s first release of 2021, comes complete with its own video.

“Bülow is the reason I could’ve gone through some serious dark times in quarantine,” she wrote on Twitter of her new collaborator. “I admire you and I adore you so much I know u know but I am still gonna say it here.


“I am the biggest fan girl of Mura Masa, it’s insane and I kinda literally know every single track of his, just test me, I will probably most def win.

“THANK U two for joining me on this ride.”

Watch the ‘She Abunai’ video below.

The new collaboration is Mura Masa’s first new music of 2020. Last year, the Guernsey-born producer – real name Alex Crossan – released his second album ‘R.Y.C. (Raw Youth Collage)’.

A five-star NME review of the album said: “‘R.Y.C’ is at its most provocative and memorable when its larger-than-life characters and productions become unhinged and combustible with lust for life.


“Yet Mura Masa’s anxious contemplation of modern-living – the highs, the lows, the lies we tell ourselves to make it all better – hits just as hard.”

Since then, the producer has funded a new programme to train black women in live music roles.

Announcing the new 12-week scheme, Masa explained the reasoning behind the scheme came from there being “a serious, serious lack of women of colour” in roles in the music industry.

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