Muse bring ‘Origin Of Symmetry’ to Leeds Festival

Plus band roll out the hits for spectacular show at Bramham Park

Muse put on a lavish show at Leeds Festival tonight (August 26) as they played their 2001 album ‘Origin Of Symmetry’ in full.

Watch an interview about the show with Muse bassist Chris Wolstenholme at the top of the page.

Review – Muse at Leeds Festival

The band, making their third appearance at Bramham Park, celebrated the album’s 10th anniversary by erecting giant fork statues from the record’s artwork onstage for their headline slot.

The trio appeared behind a giant curtain as silhouettes, before kicking off the show with ‘Newborn’ against a huge screen featuring giant flying saucers. As they played out the rest of the album the band launched giant bouncing balloons emblazoned with eyeballs across the crowd as well as shooting fire and green lasers from the Main Stage.

Introducing ‘Citizen Erased’, drummer Dominic Howard told the crowd:

We are celebrating 10 years of ‘Origin Of Symmetry’ so we fancied playing the whole fucking thing. We’ve never done that before.

As promised by Howard to NME recently, the second half of the show saw the band play hits from their last three albums ‘The Resistance’, ‘Black Holes And Revelations’ and ‘Absolution’.

Crowd reaction to the set was positive, but some fans thought the first half was overlong.

Abi Brown, 17, said: “I thought they were really good but it was getting a bit much by the end of ‘Origin Of Symmetry’. After that it got a lot more exciting.” Matthew Burgon, 22, had a similar view, saying: “I thought they were pretty amazing and they’re better live than on record. It was good to hear ‘Origin Of Symmetry’ live because you could hear differences in the sound of the songs. I thought there was a bit more to the second hour than the first, though.”

Carl Harper, 22, said he was delighted to see the band celebrate the album’s 10th anniversary. “I thought it was really refreshing to hear ‘Origin Of Symmetry’ because that is one of my favourite albums,” he said. “You always hear a lot of their new stuff now so it was nice that they did the old stuff.”

The band are set to headline Reading Festival on Sunday.

Muse played:

‘New Born’
‘Space Dementia’
‘Hyper Music’
‘Plug In Baby’
‘Citizen Erased’
‘Micro Cuts’
‘Feeling Good’
‘Supermassive Black Hole’
‘Time Is Running Out’
‘Helsinki Jam’
‘Undisclosed Desires’
‘Stockholm Syndrome’
‘Knights Of Cydonia’

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