Muse’s 2016 tour plans include a ‘swarm of drones’ and ‘double headed arrow’ stage

The ambitious multi-media production aims to update Pink Floyd’s 'The Wall Tour'

Muse have revealed ambitious plans for their 2016 Drones World Tour.

Last week, frontman Matt Bellamy announced the new tour and told fans the band were hoping to build upon Pink Floyd’s famous The Wall Tour. “It’s our version of The Wall, basically,” the frontman told BBC Radio 2.

In an exclusive interview with NME, the creative team behind the new stadium show have revealed further plans. Production designer Oli Metcalfe and tour director Glen Rowe expanded on Bellamy’s claims that there would be drones, promising “a whole swarm of drones” and a stage “like a double headed arrow”.


“We’ve been able to work with a company in the Netherlands that have written a piece of software that can control a whole swarm of drones,” Metcalfe revealed. “So we’re programming them in a different way. They’re not manned, they’re not manned vehicles as in somebody with a controller. They’re controlled by a computer system and tracking system.”

The pair also explained that the “double headed arrow” shaped stage would allow the band to get closer to fans.

“It spans the length of the arena,” said Metcalfe of the design. “It’s quite narrow but more importantly for the audience it’s low, so the band will be playing in an intimate space, and have a good relationship in terms of distance from their audience.”

Glen Rowe went on to explain that the design had been inspired by boxing rings.

“When a boxing match is staged in an arena you think it’s tiny – a little postage stamp in the middle of this huge arena arena. So we thought, let’s make a tiny stage in the middle of the arena so it’s a small circle with two runways with what you call a hammerhead at each end, where things can pop up and we can make technology work. The whole circle moves one revolution per hour. The idea is Matt starts there and an hour later he comes back, so in the show everyone sees him [up close] twice.”

The Drones World Tour includes UK gigs in Manchester, Glasgow and two nights in London. Dates in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Czech Republic have also been announced with more to follow.


Muse will play:

Manchester, Arena (April 8)
London, O2 Arena (April 11, 12)
Glasgow, SSE Hydro (April 17)

Priority Tickets for Muse’s tour are available now. Search ‘O2 Priority’. General tickets go on sale on Friday (September 18).