Muse plan ‘Nirvana-inspired’ tour documentary

Bassist Chris Wolstenholme wants to make something 'like Nirvana's Live! Tonight! Sold Out!'

Muse have announced plans to make a Nirvana-inspired tour documentary.

The band, who have released various live DVDs throughout their career – including 2005’s Absolution Tour and 2008’s H.A.A.R.P. – have revealed they would like to make something a bit different, reportsĀ Triple J.

“We’d like to something a little bit more along the lines of a touring documentary as opposed to just a live gig this time,” bassist Chris Wolstenholme told the station.

He added: “Something a little bit more like Nirvana‘s Live! Tonight! Sold Out!. I think that was one of the best tour documentaries I’ve ever watched; just life on the road and what it’s like, with obviously a bit of music here and there, and other loads of other random stuff as well.”

Currently in Australia to play the Big Day Out festival, Muse will head out on a tour of North America at the end of February.

Meanwhile, Muse are among the nominees for this year’s Shockwaves NME awards – click here to view the full list of nominations, and to vote for who you want to win. The awards themselves take place on February 24 at London‘s O2 Academy Brixton.