Muse considering writing film soundtrack

Matt Bellamy says the band have been asked to score 'Clash Of The Titans'

Muse‘s Matt Bellamy says the band have been asked to write the soundtrack for the upcoming remake of Clash Of The Titans.

The film, which is due out on March 26, is a remake of the 1981 sci-fi classic. It stars Liam Neeson and Gemma Arterton.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Bellamy admitted that film work is something Muse are keen to break into in the future.

“It’s something we’re up for doing – it’s just a case of timing because we’re always on tour,” he said. “Clash Of The Titans is the first interesting offer we’ve had for film work. We’re definitely interested in writing for films at some point when we get a break from being on the road.”

Bellamy previously told The Ampersand that his work on the Clash Of The Titans soundtrack is likely to be “totally different to Muse“.