Muse: ‘Our new album features slap bass’ – exclusive

Matt Bellamy and co reveal a few details about 'The Resistance'

Muse have told NME.COM that their new album ‘The Resistance’ will feature slap bass.

Once a staple of ’80s funk rock, slap bass has since been frowned upon by many, save for its prominence in the TV show ‘Seinfeld’.

However Muse‘s Chris Wolstenhome has admitted the band’s new track ‘Unnatural Selection’, which is build up around various rhythms rather than Matt Bellamy‘s trademark guitar, features the effect.


“I know it’s probably not ever been cool to play slap bass,” he admitted, “but on that song it just seemed to work, so we kept it in.”

With Muse revealing ‘The Resistance”s tracklisting via Twitter, Bellamy added that he had he relied on his bandmates’ faith when putting together the epic three-part closer ‘Exogenesis’.

“I kind of had to get the other two to trust me a bit with that one,” he explained. “But I think it’s turned out amazing.”

For the full interview read this week’s issue of NME, on UK newsstands now.


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