Muse’s Matt Bellamy answers Lily Allen’s call to arms over illegal file sharing

He wants to meet Lord Mandelson with Allen 'for breakfast' to discuss the issue

Muse frontman Matt Bellamy has emailed Lily Allen after the singer posted a MySpace blog urging her fellow musicians to take a stand against illegal file sharing.

In a new blog on her MySpace page, Allen published the email from Bellamy, in which the Muse man explained his vision for the future of file sharing.

“My current opinion is that file sharing is now the norm,” Bellamy wrote, adding that internet service providers [ISPs] “are not being taxed by the copyright owners correctly”.


Bellamy then compared the internet to radio and TV, both of which pay copyright owners a fee for using material they do not own. “Broadband makes the internet essentially the new broadcaster. This is the point which is being missed,” he stated.

“Also, usage should have a value. Someone who just checks email uses minimal bandwidth, but someone who downloads 1GB per day uses way more, but at the moment they pay the same. It is clear which user is hitting the creative industries and it is clear which user is not, so for this reason, usage should also be priced accordingly.

“The end result will be a taxed, monitored ISP based on usage which will ensure both the freedom of the consumer and the rights of the artists.”

Bellamy ended his email by suggesting he and Allen meet with Business Secretary Lord Mandelson to discuss the case further.

“We should set up a meeting with Lord Mandelson as he is on this issue at the moment, I’m sure he would meet us for breakfast!”

Allen‘s initial blog saw her state her disapproval at comments made by the Featured Artists Coalition – which include members of Radiohead and Pink Floyd – that illegal file sharing should be embraced.


Patrick Wolf also declared his support of Allen’s blog, saying he had been “really inspired” by it.