The singer is "horrified" that the remarks alleging his local police force are corrupt drug dealers were printed in NME...

MUSE frontman MATT BELLAMY has been forced to furiously backtrack over comments he made in the NME alleging his local police force were corrupt drug dealers.

The singer has said he is “horrified” the remarks were printed and claims they were taken out of context as they were based on a hypothetical situation.

However, his remarks, in the popular Heroes & Villans section of the paper on July 27, appear unequivocal. While speaking of his hated villains he named ‘Bent Coppers’.


He said: “Well, I’ve had experiences with the drug squad, although I don’t really want to get into that, exactly. They must have such a laugh, though, getting fucked-up on all these drugs for free. But the thing that really bugs me is that they sell it back. Especially down where I come from. You see the police bust it from all the ships that come in, they get all these massive hauls, and it’s always on the evening news. But a few weeks after it happens, you actually start buying it. And it’s corrupt policemen that are making loads of money from it.”

In yesterday’s (October 18) online edition of Bellamy’s Teighmouth home-town newspaper [url=], Muse manager Dennis Smith said: It was supposed to be a hypothetical situation and Matthew was horrified when I brought it to his attention. He did want to take issue with the journalist concerned. Unfortunately they are not always in control of how their comments are interpreted.”

He added: “Matt regrets the way things were translated.”

Following an enquiry, Detective Inspector Neil Treaby, of Devon and Cornwall Police’s professional standards unit, said: “There is no evidence to support the claims.”

Muse are about to tail off a year of almost constant touring with a some dates in Australia.