New Muse album and tour for September?

'Insider information' hints about next release date

Muse could be set to release their next album in September, followed by a European tour, “an insider close to the band’s record label, Warners” has claimed.

Muse fan site suggestes that the band’s yet-to-be-titled fifth studio album is slated for a September release, thanking a Warner associate for the information.

Last November bassist Chris Wolstenholme wrote to fans, saying that “it would be nice” for the band to be able to release the album “in the second half” of 2009, but added that they were not working to a strict schedule.

“It is more important for us to make the best album we have made to date,” he wrote, “and if that means it comes out in 2010 then we don’t mind”.

The band’s last stdio album was ‘Black Holes And Revelations’ in 2006.