Muse launch global treasure hunt for new song

Fans can unlock parts of 'United States Of Eurasia'

Muse have hidden several USB sticks in a worldwide treasure hunt – allowing fans to hear a new song.

Fans can search for the USB sticks in Berlin, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Moscow, Paris and Dubai, where “agents” are looking after them.

Each USB stick contains a code which must be entered at for a puzzle that, when solved, unlocks a part of new song ‘United States of Eurasia’ from forthcoming album ‘The Resistance’.


Clues as to the whereabouts of the USBs and times to pick them up are being released via the site.

So far the USB stick in Paris has been found, with the puzzle solved, meaning 36 seconds of ‘United States Of Eurasia’ can now be heard on the site.

The Berlin USB was also picked up yesterday afternoon (July 16), though the puzzle is yet to be unlocked. Moscow, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Dubai have yet to be found.

The band’s new album ‘The Resistance’ will be released on September 14.

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