Muse to release next album more ‘organically’

Band won't be giving album away free like Radiohead, though

Muse have revealed their new material may be released more ‘organically’ rather than saved up for an album.

The band also explained that the rise of downloading has created “a canvas to do whatever you want”.

Speaking to Radio 1’s Newsbeat, drummer Dom Howard said: “The traditional format of releasing an album on CD is not the most common thing a new music buyer or listener would typically go and get from a shop these days.

“Not that we’re against the concept of releasing an album in the traditional format at all. It’s just the way the world and technology is evolving, it’s presenting a canvas to do whatever you want and just release music as and when it is ready to release. It can happen much more organically.

“If we group a bunch of tracks together it’s because they’re meant to be together as a unit.”

Howard denied that Muse would be releasing material in the same manner as Radiohead‘s ‘In Rainbows’ free download concept however.

Howard confirmed: “We won’t be doing the same thing as Radiohead, no.

“Everyone is plucking ideas out of the sky and any band can decide how they release an album. It’s all good, I’m all for it.”