Muse: ‘We wanted a UFO for our V Festival show’

Band reveal what they initially had planned for their headline slot

Muse have revealed that they had a UFO prop built for their headline V Festival show last weekend (August 16 and 17), but it didn’t fit with the stage set-up.

Frontman Matt Bellamy told Virgin Radio that the band spent a lot of money on having the prop built, and will most likely use it for live shows later down the line.

“Unfortunately we couldn’t get it in [to the stage set-up],” he said. “We could have done it with a bunch of wires and stuff. The idea was to have it come out of the sky and hover above the crowd.

“We had it built, spent a lot of money, but we’ll save it for 2010.”

Instead of the UFO, Muse played their two V Festival shows flanked by enormous satellites, and also used smoke and fire effects.

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