Muse wrap up V Festival 2008 in epic fashion

Matt Bellamy and co promise to be back 'next year'

Muse have closed the Staffordshire leg of the 2008 V Festival tonight (August 17).

Repeating the spectacular production from last night in Chelmsford – complete with lasers, satellite dishes and flame-throwers – the three-piece repeated their set for the northern leg of the event.

However indicating that the festival will be one of their last live commitments for a while, the band declared their intention to return to action in 2009.

“See you again next year,” said drummer Dominic Howard at the climax of the band’s set. “We’ll have some new music.”

Earlier the band had embraced the conditions, after the rain storm that struck during The Verve’s performance the night before had left the Weston site covered in mud.

“How’s the mud pit going? Yes!” roared frontman Matt Bellamy before launching into a Hendrix-esque groove ahead of ‘Time Is Running Out’.

Concluding their set with an epic version of ‘Knights Of Cydonia’, Muse left the stage with their collaboration with The Streets, ‘Who Knows Who’, blasting out of the PA.

Muse played:

‘Map Of The Problematique’

‘Supermassive Black Hole’

‘Dead Star’

‘New Born’


‘Butterflies And Hurricanes’

‘Feeling Good’

‘Space Dementia’


‘Time Is Running Out’

‘Stockholm Syndrome’

‘Take A Bow’


‘Plug In Baby’

‘Knights Of Cydonia’

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