Muse: Road To Wembley Part Six – Wembley!

Matt Bellamy and co speak on NME.COM all week

All week before Muse play their Wembley Stadium gigs (June 16,17), we’ve going to be tracing their career from the beginning to their crowning glory. Here is the final part, the preparations for Wembley Stadium itself.

Dom: “This is gonna be massive, it’s the pinnacle. We’re tense. Booking it was like playing poker, it felt like a gamble, but then we put it on sale and it sold out really quickly, so at least people are gonna come. That kind of step up into that area, we just thought ‘why the fuck not?’ you can do festivals and its great doing festivals but why not do your own?”

Matt: “I’m moving into the calm before the storm period. I was panicking about it a few months ago. Preparations have been going on for six months now, but I’m starting to zone out from it. I’m starting to zone out from that now and forget about it all before the gig. I think it’s nice for the few weeks before the gig to not really think about it. I don’t want to be pulling my hair out about lighting and specials. If we don’t work it out I’m just gonna let it happen by itself.”


Dom: “I’ve been very cocky about it behind closed doors and to other people, but I’ve been shitting myself about it as well. It’s a weird feeling because it’s such a big event. And no-one else is doing it apart from George Michael, and that’s just a joke! I don’t even know why he’s doing it? Is it sold out? Who knows? Who cares! I don’t even know. It probably is. What’s the point? Who knows? Who cares?”

Matt: “I think we’re gonna play the longest set we’ve ever played actually. It’ll cover most bases and I think it’ll stand out as the most comprehensive list of songs that we’ll ever play in our setlist – I think in the future, the next period of touring I’ll be looking to do things quite differently onstage. In the realms of churning out 25 songs this’ll be the most that we’ll ever do ain a gig. It’ll definitely be our favourite songs.. After this there’ll be a period of doing different types of concerts. And then come back to the big concerts and go even bigger!”

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