Muse planning series of gigs on cruise ship

Matt Bellamy and co to mount Mediterranean coastal boat tour?

Muse are planning a tour of the Mediterranean coast in 2008, including gigs on boats.

Drummer Dom Howard talked about his love of playing live and how next year they plan to do something totally different with the coastal tour.

“We’ve talked about a tour of the Mediterranean coast and doing gigs from a boat,” he told the Daily Star‘s Playlist.

“We see ourselves rocking up to a port in a nice town, opening the back of the boat and doing the gig. Then closing it up and going off to the next town – touring by sea.”

Howard went on to talk about how much he enjoyed playing Wembley Stadium earlier this year.

“I’m a stadiums man at heart, the summer shows were amazing,” he said. “We always go for that big, over-the-top show because it’s what we want to see when we go to see a band.

“We love playing live, it’s an open arena to do whatever we like and to let our imaginations go wild.”