Muse question Live Earth’s green credentials

'What about the rock star jets?' asks Matt Bellamy

Muse have questioned the green credential of climate awareness gigs Live Earth.

As previously reported Live Earth will take place on July 7 in cities across the world, featuring around 100 artists playing over the 24-hour event.

However, Muse frontman Matt Bellamy has suggested that it might be hypocritical to support something that could have an adverse affect on the climate.

“Private jets for climate change, not sure about it, that seems to be a bit on edge really – that’s an issue really, so we need to think about it,” he told BBC Six Music.

However Ashok Sinah, a director of Stop Climate Chaos, insist this was something the concert should look at to ensure the campaign had a lasting effect after the event.

“The ball to a certain extent is in our court,” he said. “We have got to make sure that the people that come to us post-concert are actively engaged and get involved in the campaign.”