Muse get ready for Wembley tickets sale

Your chance to see the 'the best live band in the universe'?

Tickets for Muse’s mega-gig at the new Wembley Stadium go on sale from 9am on December, and they’re staking their claim for being the greatest live band in the universe!

The band, set to play one of the first shows at the long-delayed venue on June 16 next year, have long been described by supporters as the best live band on Earth.

But in the wake of their cosmically inspired live show, NME.COM asked Matt Bellamy if they were now punting for the title of best in the universe, as they play their biggest-ever concert.

He said: “That’s a bold claim. I imagine there’s some seriously fucking weird bands out there when you bring the whole universe into the equation. I doubt that we can complete with what could be out there. Maybe best on this particular leg of the Milky Way, this part of the galaxy, I think we might have it. But if you bring all the other galaxies into the equation we might be a bit further down the list.”

In the absence of space travel to seek out these alien bands, you can be the first to buy tickets for Muse at Wembley Stadium through NME.COM by clicking here from 9am on December 9.