Al Gore announces environment concert

24 hour 'Live Earth' gig to take place

Al Gore has announced details of his ’Live Earth’ concert.

The ’Save Out Selves’ campaign will features events in seven cities on July 7.

London, Shanghai, Sydney, Johannesburg are confirmed, with locations America, Brazil and Japan still being worked out.


It will features 100 artists playing a 24 hour concert known as ’Live Earth’ and is set to be carried out on the television, radio and the internet.

Gore said: “The most important part of ’SOS’ is how individuals, corporations and governments respond.”

As previously reported, Muse revealed they were approached to play the gig. Also set to perform are Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Foo Fighters, Bloc Party, Keane, Snow Patrol, Snoop Dogg, Bon Jovi, Duran Duran and Kelly Clarkson.

Organisers of the event plan to use only electricity from renewable sources, employ recycling and biodegradable materials where possible and offset travel via carbon credits.

All proceeds from the gig will further Gore’s movement The Alliance For Climate Protection, reports the Financial Times.


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