Muse reveal new stage show secrets

Matt Bellamy tallks through his grand concept

Muse frontman Matt Bellamy has explained their most ambitious show yet was inspired by his belief that the government are brainwashing us.

Hitting the road in Aberdeen (November 6), the frontman told NME.COM that he based the outlandish set on a secret base that the authorities used to influence the behaviour of the world’s population.

“The set is based on the second page of the album (‘Black Holes And Revelations’) artwork,” explained Bellamy. “There’s a picture of a HAARP installation which stands for High-Frequency Active Aural Research Programme. It’s some weird brainwashing thing the government have installed in Alaska which basically shoots out these microwaves into the atmosphere and keeps us all docile, keeps our reality into one little narrow beam.”


However, replicating the shady contraption didn’t come cheap.

“I think we’ve pretty much spent all the money so you can safely say we’ve done a good job of being excessive with the gear. We’ve pushed it a little bit further. There’s these two large pylons that have got these electrical beams that go between them. We wanted another massive one in the middle of the crowd but that one cost about half a million quid so we had to cut it!”

For more on the secrets behind the Muse tour, get this week’s issue of NME, on sale now in all good newsagents.

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