Muse reveal all about new album

The band take NME.COM into the studio

Muse’s fourth sees the band getting political for the first time.

NME.COM visited the band as they completed mixing on their as-yet-untitled fourth record at London’s Sanctuary Townhouse Studios, and as well as the first listen to the new tracks, singer Matt Bellamy explained how this time, recent world events have influenced him.

“There’s a song on the album called ‘A Soldier’s Poem’, written from the perspective of a soldier, who kind of thinks ‘I’m out here risking my life, for what?’”, he said.


Bellamy added that themes of impending apocalypse also visited on ‘Absolution’ are more specific this time round. “There is a theme on the album, it’s that kind of connection to the cycles of history where the tension builds up and then it’s released. Whether it’s catastrophic like a nuclear war, or whether aliens come down and it’s brilliant, but there’s definitely a sense that something big is about to happen.”

Decamping to south of France Muse recorded at Miraval Studios, before heading to New York to record the songs with long-time producer Rich Costey.

Virtually cut off without cars or television in France, Bellamy admitted the band were in danger of going “off the rails”, and enjoyed hitting the big city.

“I was going out dancing in clubs around New York,” said the singer. “That helped create tracks like ‘Supermassive Black Hole’. Franz (Fedinand) have done it very well, with that dance type beat going on mixed with alternative guitar and I’ve always wanted to find that.”

The currently untitled album is due out in July, with Bellamy is confident people will react to its more topical themes. “Some of the songs are directly informed by things that are going on at the moment,” he declared referencing the Iraqi war. “Which is something we’ve not really done before, but it’s impossible for anyone to ignore it.”

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