Bassist Chris Wolstenholme had the ring ripped from his finger as he shook hands with fans at a gig in Osaka...

MUSE have put out a plea to fans in OSAKA to return bassist CHRIS WOLSTENHOLME’s wedding ring.

The ring was ripped from Wolstenholme’s finger while he shook hands with fans at the end of the Osaka gig on February 13.

In a post left on the band’s messageboard on

[url=], the band promise the returnee of the ring “free entry to any Muse gig anywhere in the world forever”.

“It is a gold ring and the sentimentality attached is beyond words. If anyone has found the ring or somehow has possession of it, please email me and we can arrange getting it back to him”, it reads.

As previously reported on NME.COM, Muse will play at this years T In The Park festival.

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