The star is recovering after a "rough" week by his own admission...

MUSE frontman MATT BELLAMY has spoken about the accident which could have cost the band the remainder of their American tour.

Bellamy was rushed to hospital after catching his mouth on his guitar during a show in Atlanta last week (April 9).

“It’s all healed up now. It’s fine,” he said. “My mouth is better. It was just the first couple of days after it happened that it was a bit rough but they got it stitched up pretty well and it got better after three or four days.”

He continued: “When it first happened it looked like I had opened it from the nose all the way down to the lip, all the way down to the gums. But when we got to the hospital and actually washed it out a little bit it turned out to be a small cut inside the mouth. On the outside it was a 3/4-inch cut that didn’t go through all the way that could be easily stitched up.

“It was three stitches. After three or four days I could move my mouth and the swelling reduced. So it’s good. I’m really glad we’re back on track because I was really concerned. In the end we only cancelled one gig so it’s OK. We’ll come back and do that gig again at one point.”