Well, they're releasing two in quick succession...

MUSE are set to release two new singles in the coming months.

Following the smash success of the download-only ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ last year, the band release ‘Apocalypse Please’, the opening track from ‘Absolution’, as a download on August 23.

The track will be available exclusively from [url=] The site offers 350,000 downloadable tracks, and 60p of every £1 spent will go to Oxfam’s ‘Make Trade Fair’ campaign.

Then, Muse release another physical single, ‘Butterflies And Hurricanes’ on September 20. The CD version will be the first ever release to utilise u-myx technology – a unique new concept in interactive audio mixing, which allows fans to remix the track without any specialist skills or equipment.

The format is the first of its kind to enable songs to be upgraded with new parts, such as vocal or instrumental contributions from other artists.

Muse close the V Festival on August 21-22.