Frontman Matt Bellamy tells NME.COM his favourite new tunes 'are like ABBA'...

MUSE have relocated to an industrial part of east LONDON to write and record a new album that MATT BELLAMY promises to be more “uplifting” than previous efforts.

The trio finished promoting second album ‘Origin Of Symmetry’ at last month’s Carling Weekend festivals, where they premiered two new songs – one untitled, the other with a tentative title of ‘The Smallprint’.

Bellamy told NME.COM the group have been writing and recording, and plan to demo some songs at home before renting out a building in a downtrodden part of Hackney, where they will rehearse and write with a view to a new album next year.

He said: “The stuff we’re going to do on this album is going to surprise a lot of people. I can’t really say why that would be but I’ve got a feeling it won’t be what people expect. We’ve been writing loads of songs. A lot of the new songs are going in a different direction to what we’ve done before.”

Bellamy explained that the new songs are more “uplifting”, mostly because he has fallen in love. “I’m not married yet!”, he joked. “But I’ve been drawn into this Italian world. I met this girl from over there so I’m into all that.”

He added: “I think there’ll be some songs that are straightforward rock. (But) some of my favourite new songs are like ABBA!”