The band's label says it will replace misprinted copies of their Number One CD...

MUSE are offering to replace copies of their Number One album after a manufacturing error.

Initial quantities of ‘Absolution’, which soared straight to the top of the album chart on its first week of release, lists tracks seven and eight, ‘Interlude’ and ‘Hysteria’, the wrong way round. There are also certain lyrical misprints on the inlay.

Though those CDs have not been recalled, the band’s record company, East West, has pledged to provide any unhappy fans with the correct version.

A statement said: “These were both manufacturing and graphic design errors beyond the band’s control, but obviously we want to rectify this error for all the fans who have bought the album and would like the correct artwork.”

Incorrect inlays should be sent with contact details to Muse Artwork, Freepost SW5581, PO Box 21, London, W14 0BR, and a new inlay will be dispatched.