The name 'Celine Dion Muse' will not now be attached to the $1000-a-ticket events...

Celine Dion has backed down in her row with MUSE over the rights to use their name in her LAS VEGAS shows.

The Canadian songbird had offered the band £32,000 for the right to attach the word ‘Muse’ to her forthcoming residency in the gambling mecca. When the Devon band declined, Celine Dion‘s management company informed them that they would use the name regardless.

Now, Francine Chaloult, Celine Dion‘s publicist, says that the word ‘Muse’ won’t be employed for the upcoming spectaculars after all.

Chaloult told Jam! Showbiz that ‘Muse’ was only one of about 30 names being looked at by show management and that it had made the top four of those being considered. She added that Celine Dion has now decided not to use the word.

Muse are the legal owners of the American performing rights to their name, which means that no other musical show, product, artist or group can use it. Earlier this week, they threatened to sue Celine Dion if she went ahead.

The actual name of the show will be announced next Monday (October 21) at a news conference in Belgium. Her show is scheduled to run for three years, with tickets costing up to $1,000 each.