The three-piece are incensed by the Canadian diva's plans...

Muse are threatening to sue Canadian super-warbler Celine Dion for unauthorised use of their name in her new stageshow.

Dion offered the band $50,000 (£32,000) in return for the use of the name ‘Muse’ for her up and coming residency at Las Vegas. They declined the offer. 

Muse own the trademark ‘MUSE’ worldwide for any music related services including live performances and records.

Despite their refusal, Muse received notice from Dion’s management company Dragone that they “will proceed without the proposed settlement and will use the mark CELINE DION MUSE for its shows and related goods and services”.

The Las Vegas show will feature a live performance by Dion, dancers, and acrobats, all with musical accompaniment, Muse’s website reports.

“They’ve told us they are pressing ahead with the Muse name whether we like it or not, they think if we try and sue them they will crush us with their might” Muse’s lead singer Matt Bellamy told The Sun.