Muse’s Matt Bellamy ‘talked about conspiracy theories with former Secretary Of State Colin Powell’

Singer tells NME about White House encounter

Muse frontman Matt Bellamy has described his experience of visiting the White House, stating his theory that there’s a “power structure” at play that makes people “sacrifice a part of their inner morality”.

Bellamy attended the annual White House Correspondents Dinner in 2012 with his then-fiancée, actress Kate Hudson. Speaking to NME in this week’s issue, available digitally and on newsstands now, Bellamy revealed that he was sat next to George W Bush’s former Secretary Of State, Colin Powell, at the event.

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“I asked him about hollow-point bullets,” Bellamy tells NME. “Because Homeland Security had purchased millions of them. They explode when they hit you – I think they are banned under the Geneva Convention. This was widely reported in the conspiracy press, and the question was why were they buying so many. It looked like they were preparing for massive riots.”

Bellamy continues, “And so [Colin Powell] said – it was an amazing deflection, and also a chilling insight into the military mindset – ‘When you’re out in the field and you want to shoot, you want to kill: quickly and cleanly’. And that was it… on to dessert…”

Asked what Powell was like in person, the singer responds, “It’s hard to say in one meeting.” He continued, “But you know, there’s a power structure there that is intoxicating to be a part of, and I think when people get offered the chance to become a part of that, they are willing to sacrifice a part of their inner morality. It becomes a culture of peer pressure – of ‘this is how we do things around here… didn’t you know?’ And before you know it you’re making kill decisions before breakfast…”

Elsewhere in the interview, drummer Dom Howard described the band’s new album as “the sound of us being very experimental and losing our minds a bit”.

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Muse release their new album ‘Drones’ on June 5, following on from 2012’s ‘The 2nd Law’.


Matt Bellamy recently claimed that ‘Drones’ is Muse’s best album, admitting, “That’s not something I’ve been able to say for a while.”

The band’s latest single ‘Mercy’ was premiered on Monday (May 18) and is the fourth song to be previewed from their upcoming record, following ‘Psycho’, ‘Reapers’ and ‘Dead Inside’. Watch the lyric video for ‘Mercy’ here.