Muse to perform at Bestival, says Matt Bellamy

Singer lets the news slip at the Snooker World Championship

Muse look set to perform at this year’s Bestival music festival.

The booking hasn’t been officially confirmed, but as spotted by DIY, the band’s frontman Matt Bellamy let the news slip in an interview backstage at The Snooker World Championship.

After speaking about the sport (which Bellamy is a fan of), the singer was asked what’s next for him and Muse. “Getting ready for a big tour, just getting warmed up now, doing all the interviews and stuff to promote the album and everything,” he replied. “We’re doing Download Festival, which is like the metal festival, and Bestival in Isle of Wight later in the year, and next year we’ll do our own tour obviously.” Click below to watch the interview.

The trio’s seventh studio album, ‘Drones’ is released on June 8. Speaking to Alt 98.7 in Los Angeles last month, Bellamy and drummer Dominic Howard revealed plans to fly drones over audiences at forthcoming live dates.

“We always like to use the modern technology in our shows, the latest video screens or light shows, lasers, whatever is out there,” said Bellamy. “Drones are obviously an interesting thing to try to bring into the live show so we’re going to try and do that. There’s going to be some difficulty with red tape of health and safety about flying things over, but the general thing idea is that as the tour starts that we’ll be using flying objects.

The frontman also explained that the album has a full narrative arc involving an individual joining the army. Asked if it’s a concept album, Bellamy said: “Yeah, pretty much, yeah. But it’s not a strict concept in the way that Pink Floyd did it; the songs work in their own right independently, but they gel together based on the concept of drones. The vague narrative follows a kind of protagonist who goes through this journey of losing everything and sort of feeling like being brainwashed, being drawn into the military and becoming a person who feels like they’ve lost their soul, then eventually coming back and rediscovering it and fighting back against the systems that oppressed them – that journey takes place across the first eight songs of the album and then the ending of the album is a separate epilogue of sorts.”

Bestival takes place on the Isle of Wight from September 10, and will feature Tame Impala, The Chemical Brothers, Charli XCX, Underworld and Skrillex, among others.