Muse’s Matt Bellamy: ‘Something will go wrong in our Glastonbury show’

Bellamy also claims Muse are ‘among the last of the rock bands’

a]Muse[/a] singer Matt Bellamy says that something will inevitably go wrong during the band’s Glastonbury headline show.

Bellamy said festivals are so unpredictable to play that it’s inevitable a problem will occur at some point when they headline the Pyramid Stage tomorrow (June 24).

The frontman told The Daily Telegraph: “Really, the stage is not yours. There are so many components that are unpredictable and out of your control. So there’s no-one to blame if anything goes wrong – which it will.”

Bellamy added that Muse are part of a dying breed, as he believes traditional rock bands are on the way out. He said: “In the traditional mid-20th Century sense, I think we probably are among the last of the rock bands. But the term ‘rock star’ is used very loosely these days. You could carry a laptop rather than a guitar and still be a rock star.”

Fellow Glastonbury headliners Coldplay were cited by Bellamy as a band who’ve been able to adapt away from traditional rock. He said: “Coldplay have done an interesting job of really transitioning away from traditional instruments into something almost entirely electronic,” he explains. “We’ve tried to keep a combination. I think we’ve been flying the flag for humanity a little bit longer than most.”

Tomorrow’s show will be the third time Muse have headlined Glastonbury, having previously topped the Pyramid Stage with Oasis and Paul McCartney in 2004, then Gorillaz and Stevie Wonder in 2010.