Muse on upcoming album reissues: ‘We’re releasing all sorts of old stuff’

Band are set to re-release their first two albums, 'Showbiz' and 'Origin of Symmetry', on vinyl

Muse drummer Dominic Howard has elaborated on his band’s upcoming early album reissues.

In May, frontman Matt Bellamy alluded on Twitter to the upcoming release of ‘Origin Of Muse’. Bellamy described it as the “first two albums plus early demos and rare stuff etc,” adding that it would be “a kind of autobiography of music”. He added that it would feature ‘a few’ unheard tracks, but that he “prefers the term ‘terrible early demos’, not songs”.

Now Howard has explained in a new interview: “We putting together a book with some remastered vinyl. We remastered the first two albums ‘Showbiz‘ and ‘Origin of Symmetry’. We’re putting together a package with a lot of historic content. Bits and pieces like photographs, music and some really old demos. All sorts of old stuff that basically attempts to tell a story from where we started as a band when we were kids in school to ‘Origin of Symmetry’.”

He added: “It’s going to be a very elaborate vinyl package. There’s gonna be some other bits of music. There’s a story about how the music has changed from being kids to recording ‘Origin of Symmetry’ because we changed so much as a band over those first few years. It was a bizarre journey we took musically. We’re just trying to tell people that story and release the albums and a bunch of rarities.”

Watch that interview in full beneath.

The band recently released a one-off single called ‘Dig Down’. They have also revealed that they plan to release more new songs separately ahead of their next album coming out.

Muse have announced that they will stream their concert in Austin, Texas live on Facebook this weekend.

The British band play the Austin 360 Amphitheatre this Saturday (June 10) and will air the entire show via Facebook Live.