Muse discuss new single ‘Thought Contagion’ and album plans

The band were on Beats 1's Matt Wilkinson show this morning

Muse have confirmed that they’re “working towards an album” in an interview with Beats 1.

The band were on Matt Wilkinson’s show this morning (February 16), talking about their brand new single ‘Thought Contagion’. When pressed for the meaning behind the track, frontman Matt Bellamy explained: “The clue is in the title, ‘Thought Contagion’. I first heard about it from a Richard Dawkins book years ago actually, it’s this idea that thoughts are contagious – they spread like a virus, or like genes.”

He continued: “If you spend a few hours watching American news, well, that’s were the first part of the song came from really. It’s kinda like some strange bubble where they’re all living up Trump’s bum, basically… It gets inside your mind. I think that’s where the song came from really. You start walking round worrying about things that you wouldn’t normally think about and so the song came from that. How other people’s ideas can kinda take over your own if you’re not careful.”


When pressed for album plans, drummer Dominic Howard confirmed they’re working on a new LP. “We are working towards an album, we’re still thinking about other songs and working on other tracks,” he says. “I imagine at some point hopefully this year, or next year,  whenever, they will come out and be released.”

Earlier this week, Muse won the VO5 NME Award for Best Festival Headliner supported by Anna Valley.

Collecting the award from The Horrors’ Faris Badwan, singer Matt Bellamy said: “This award should go to Brian Johnson, the best rock singer of all time.”

Drummer Dom Howard used the occasion to reveal his love of Stormzy, Skepta, Haim and Charli XCX. “Best festival headliner, that’s cool!”, he said, “But I’d like to see Skepta, Stormzy, Haim and Charli XCX headlining in the future.”

The trio topped the bill at Reading & Leeds Festivals 2017, as well as a host of other events in the US and beyond – including Las Vegas’ Life Is Beautiful, and Chicago’s Lollapalooza. Each of their sets featured new takes on their classic songs, with extended intros, new solos and rock references intertwined with their own riffs.

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