Muse fans can now get their hands on Matt Bellamy’s signature guitars

They come in Satin Black and Starlight Silver

Matt Bellamy’s signature guitars are being released for fans to purchase.

The Muse frontman’s Manson Meta Series MBM-1 is available for pre-order at £569 and available in Satin Black and Starlight Silver. You can view the guitars below.

Writing on his Instagram page, Bellamy said: “Proud to announce the launch of our new Manson Meta-Series MBM-1 Signature Guitar.”


Last June, the frontman announced plans to make his custom Manson guitars more affordable to fans.

It came after Bellamy became “a majority shareholder” and took ownership in the Manson workshop in Devon – where he has had all his guitars made since the year 2000.

The Manson website previously listed their famed M-series model for sale between £1,199 to £1,619. But Bellamy looked at plans to reduce the price.

“I’m very excited to be working with the team at Manson Guitar Works,” he said at the time. “We have plans in the coming months and years to launch a lower cost M-series guitar based on some of my favourite instruments; investigate new product in the heavier music genre including 7-string versions.”


He continued: “As we will shortly be celebrating my 20 year relationship with Mansons we are in discussions about some high end limited edition guitars that really accurately detail my stage instruments. The future? We’ll certainly be  exploring enhanced electronic features to further evolve the guitar into the modern era.”

The band recently released the ‘Origin of Muse’ box set, which brought together songs, demos, photos, videos and unheard material from their formation through to their first two albums, ‘Showbiz’ and ‘Origin Of Symmetry’.