Muse fans react to Matt Bellamy’s Brexit comments

His comments have split opinion among followers

Muse fans have responded to comments made by frontman Matt Bellamy regarding his stance on Brexit.

Yesterday, the ‘Drones’ and ‘Plug In Baby’ star made headlines when reporters claimed that he was overheard saying that he was in favour of the UK leaving the EU. He then took to Twitter to clarify the reports. As well as detailing what happened during his meeting with Hillary Clinton with girlfriend, actress and model Elle Evans, he added that he was “only Ok with #softbrexit single market & free movement of people”, adding “YES, free to do trade deals outside of EU – YES”.

His comments split opinion among followers.

Many fans, were left disappointed by Bellamy’s views on the EU – with some arguing that his views do not necessarily correlate with the politics expressed in certain Muse songs:

While others were either in favour of Bellamy, or argued that he had no need to defend or explain himself: