Muse on making a hip-hop album, and bringing ‘Pokemon vibes’ for their next tour

'I'm going to start rapping on our next album'

Muse have again suggested an unexpected change of direction for their new album – this time revealing that they hope to go hip-hop.

Last week, it emerged that the ‘Drones’ trio were hoping to make things more ‘stripped back’ and explore an acoustic sound on their next record, but now it looks like they want to explore the new territory of rap.

“I really wanna try and just make like a hip‑hop album,” Bellamy told Q. “I think I’m gonna actually, starting rapping on our next eighth studio album.”


When asked about plans for their next world tour, Bellamy replied: “We were just talking about augmented reality. Like Pokemon vibes, using phones because you go to a concert now and everyone’s got a phone and is filming and is taking pictures. Utilising that would be a cool thing.”

This comes after the band’s live director has recently revealed that the band’s plans for their next world tour involve them ‘levitating on magnets‘.

The band have also revealed that they plan to tour select US festivals next year, before returning to the studio to record new songs.

Muse's Matt Bellamy

Muse’s Matt Bellamy



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