Muse to support ongoing appeal to find missing Andrew Gosden

The band will show a short appeal video from the charity Missing People ahead of screenings of their 'Drones Tour' film this week

Muse have lent their support to the charity Missing People’s ongoing appeal to find the missing Andrew Gosden.

The band will show a short film from the charity ahead of screenings of their Drones Tour film, which will be shown in over 450 cinemas across the UK and Ireland on Thursday (July 12). It is hoped that each cinema taking part in the screening will show Missing People’s clip beforehand.

Gosden, whose 25th birthday falls today (July 10), went missing in London on September 14, 2007. A big Muse fan, he was 14 at the time of his disappearance. New age-progressed images of how Andrew may look today have been put together, which you can see below.


“Of all of the bands I think Andrew would have continued to follow, Muse is the one I think most likely,” Andrew’s father, Kevin Gosden, said about Muse’s support for the appeal. “In 2009, the band kindly allowed us, with a number of volunteers, to leaflet the gigs at Sheffield Arena and the London O2. We have always been grateful to Muse for the opportunity to do that.

“We are so grateful for another opportunity to appeal for information on Andrew that I cannot find the words to adequately express it. It seemed like such a big thing to ask that I didn’t honestly expect a positive response. So our deepest thanks to the band and management.”

Anyone who may have any information regarding Andrew can contact Missing People anonymously by calling 116 000, or by emailing They can also call the police on 101.