Muse on where they’ll be in 15 years’ time – and their plans to re-release their early albums

They also confirm plans to re-release their first two albums

Muse have looked into the future, and it seems that there’s no plans for them for the foreseeable.

The rock titans, who released eighth album ‘Simulation Theory’ last week, outlined their plans when asked where they see themselves in 15 years.

“We’ll see. We plan to stick around and carry on. I think we’ve always admired the bands that can do that, like The Cure or U2 or The Stones,” drummer Dom Howard told iHeart Radio.

“Any of those bands that stick together, that’s the hardest thing, to stay together. If we do that when we’ll still make music.”

The same interview saw the group confirming rumours that they’ll be releasing a box set of their most acclaimed early records in the near future too.

“We’re actually working on this package that we want to release, which is remastered versions of the first two albums,”  said Howard. “We’re also working on this book which has really old photos and a story of about how we came about and musically got to where we did with ‘Showbiz’ and how that transitioned into ‘Origin of Symmetry’.

“So, there’s a package at work with silly photos and early recordings.”

Yesterday, Muse were forced to respond after fans expressed their disappointment over a cancelled show in Bristol. As part of their 2019 UK tour plans in support of their latest album ‘Simulation Theory‘, the band initially listed Bristol among the cities that they were planning to visit when they hit the road next year. But fans were left asking questions when the date was never actually announced.

“We want to do a West Country show for sure,” Matt Bellamy replied. “[We’re] investigating Devon options.”