Are Muse casting for their new music video?

Good news for "grungy punks"

Muse are reportedly casting for their new music video.  

Posted to fan page Muse Argentina, a screenshot shows a casting call for “Grungy Punks”, an “Elderly Gal” and a “Huge Bouncer” for a music video to be filmed tomorrow night in Los Angeles.



The video is thought to be for the band’s upcoming single, ‘Thought Contagion’. See below:

“We’re looking for a couple of super edgy guys to play punk/street guys,” reads the ‘grungy punks’ ad.

“Wild hair, tattoos and piercings welcome.”

The ‘elderly gal’, who they request to be between 58 and 75, is described as a “lovely gal with a terrific character.”


The casting notes for the ‘huge bouncer’ specify that he “must be comfortable in a hazmat suit.”

The advert does not explain why the chemical protection suit is required.

Last week, Muse frontman Matt Bellamy and drummer Dom Howard were joined onstage by Sir Paul McCartney to form the supergroup Dr. Pepper’s Jaded Hearts Club Band.

The group performed a special version of ‘Helter Skelter’ together.

Back in September, a get together of the supergroup included Miles Kane, however it is not clear whether or not he also performed the show last week.

Writing on Instagram about the performance, Bellamy said: “Just did Macca with Macca #walkinglegend“. 

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