Muse’s Matt Bellamy says he’s ‘fundamentally against party politics’ because it ‘hijacks democracy’

The frontman has spoken about politics in the US and the UK in a new interview

Muse‘s Matt Bellamy has discussed his views on politics, revealing he is “fundamentally against the whole concept of party politics.”

The frontman was asked in a new interview if he found it was hard to write music in this time that doesn’t have a political subtext.

“I think when artists start getting into dangerous ground is when you start getting too partisan in any way,” he told Forbes. “I’m not partisan at all, I don’t support any particular party. So, for me, I tend to try and speak about what it feels like for me and some of the emotional things I see going on around and how it feels.


“And bizarrely, songs like ‘Uprising’ we’ve had in the past, they could be perceived as being on the side of what is now a populist movement. But really one of the driving forces for me is that I am on the side of wanting to bring more power to the people individually. I think the people individually in their communities want to feel like they have more say and more power in what goes on. That is a bit of a theme that goes through a lot of our songs.”

He went on to give his assessment of the differences between politics in the US and the UK. “I’m fundamentally against the whole concept of party politics,” he said. “To me, the concept of a party is just a hijack of democracy. The American system I think is better in many ways than the UK system. The structure, maybe that’s the better word. In the UK our Lords, which is equivalent of your Senate, they’re not even elected. As bad as you think things are you are, in some ways, structurally probably quite far ahead of the rest of the world.”

Although Bellamy pointed out he is “not a Trump fan”, he said he thought “the idea that any person can become president is generally historically has been pretty admirable.”

“The rest of the world you have to be very much part of the political class, very much you have to have obviously financial backing, all that sort of stuff,” he explained. “Or you have to be affiliated with a certain party.”


Muse are set to release their latest album, ‘Simulation Theory‘, on November 9. Following a small show at London’s Royal Albert Hall in December, the band will then hit the road next year for a world tour in support of the record.

Tickets for their UK dates will go on sale at 9am on November 16 and will be available to purchase here.

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December 2018

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