Muse’s Matt Bellamy responds to pro-Brexit claims and Hillary Clinton photo

He claims that he and Clinton didn't discuss politics

Muse frontman Matt Bellamy has responded to claims that he voted in favour of Brexit, as well as revealing what he really spoke to Hillary Clinton about when they met.

In the wake of the US election, reporters claimed that Bellamy was overheard saying that he voted in favour of leaving the European Union back in June.

Now, the ‘Plug In Baby’ and ‘Drones’ star has taken to Twitter to react to the reports, claiming he is “only Ok with #softbrexit single market & free movement of people”, adding “YES, free to do trade deals outside of EU – YES”. He also warned against ‘stupid/inflammatory views’ levelled against him.

Bellamy also made headlines last week when he shared a photo of him and girlfriend, model and actress Elle Evans met Hillary Clinton. Responding to a query from a fan about what he spoke to the Democratic candidate about, he replied: