Matt Bellamy says Ed Sheeran is inspiring Muse’s new material

"I like the idea of experimenting more"

Muse frontman Matt Bellamy has revealed that Ed Sheeran is proving to be an unlikely influence on their sound.

In a new interview with GuitarWorld, Bellamy explained how he’s inspired by Sheeran’s consistent use of loop pedals during live shows.

“I’ve been quite interested in what Ed Sheeran does with the looping systems. That’s something I’ve never really dabbled in, but I’d like to,” Bellamy explained.

“Especially now, with the access I have to synth sounds coming from the guitar. So I haven’t really begun yet, but at some point I like the idea of experimenting more with getting some looping sounds going and exploring that side of it.”

Muse’s Matt Bellamy

Elsewhere in the interview Bellamy discusses the thought process behind ‘Simulation Theory’, Muse’s most recent album (2018).

“It was quite a gradual and sporadic process. It wasn’t like most albums, where we just go into the studio for a couple months,” he said.

“This one was done in bits and pieces here and there, and spread over the last year or so. A lot of it we approached one song at a time, and I quite enjoyed that because it broke up the process and we weren’t worried about any sort of deadline. It felt less pressured and a bit more free.”

The interview comes after Muse kicked off the ‘Simulation Theory’ tour in Houston last weekend, boasting an elaborate production that included LED-clad dancers and a giant robot skeleton that dangled over the stage.