Muse’s Matt Bellamy says “everyone wants a new type of revolution”

"We definitely don’t want a bunch of authoritarian lunatics from the right, that’s the last thing we want"

Muse’s Matt Bellamy has told NME that society wants “a new type of revolution”.

Following the coronavirus pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the current cost of living crisis, the frontman said he believes change is coming.

“I think everyone knows we want a revolution, but we definitely don’t want a bunch of authoritarian lunatics from the right. That’s the last thing we want,” he told NME in this week’s Big Read cover story, ahead of the Devon rockers’ new album, ‘Will Of The People’, being released in August.


“And also we don’t want a total communist situation on the hard left either. I think what we want is something completely new. I don’t think it exists out there at the moment, but I think there’s a new type of politics that could emerge.

“I would call it Meta-Centrism. It’s an oscillation between liberal, libertarian values for individuals – your social life, the ability to be whatever gender you are, all that kind of stuff – but then more socialist on things like land ownership, nature and energy distribution. It’s oscillation between the two poles.”

Matt Bellamy of Muse on the cover of NME
Matt Bellamy of Museon the cover of NME

He continued: “I think there’s a way of doing that but there’s no language that enables people to think that way. You’re either hard left or you’re hard right… I’m not with any of these; I feel like there’s a third way. There’s no existing side that describes what I’m looking for yet…I’m fundamentally anti-authoritarian – that’s just my nature; I was born that way. So if I see certain things, on either side, that [make you think], ‘Don’t start telling me to do that or live like that’, it doesn’t matter where it’s coming from: I will probably resist it.”

Bellamy also said he believes society is on the brink of a “disruptive transition”.

He added: “Everyone’s doing everything they can to pretend that’s not going to happen or to try and maintain the status quo [but] the longer they hold on to this, the worse it’s going to be when it happens. If we can just make the transition a little bit more gradual, it might happen a bit less violently.


“But it’s gonna be a big, big shift. You’re talking about an economic collapse, shift and reinvention, total energy transition.”

In the same interview, the frontman also claimed that Donald Trump’s reign of division in the US allowed Vladimir Putin to “cause chaos” in the West.

Meanwhile, Muse kicked off their summer tour earlier this month at Rock Am Ring 2022, dusting off rarities and performing the unreleased track ‘Kill Or Be Killed’ and recent single ‘Will Of The People’ for the first time. The set also included a live debut for Bellamy’s solo track ‘Behold, The Glove’.

The band’s summer dates will see them perform at festivals across Europe, including Firenze Rocks, Isle Of Wight Festival, Mallorca Live and more.

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