Muse’s Matt Bellamy shares photo of meeting Hillary Clinton

He calls for her to make their drummer 'Secretary Of Defence'

Muse‘s Matt Bellamy has seemingly leant his support to Hillary Clinton, as the frontman has shared a photo of himself and girlfriend Elle Evans meeting the Democratic Presidential candidate.

America goes to the polls next week on 8 November to vote for either Clinton or her fierce rival and Republican Donald Trump.

Now, Bellamy has taken to Instagram to share the time he met Clinton with his model and actress girlfriend Elle Evans – jokingly calling upon her to make Muse drummer Dom Howard the secretary of defence, saying it will ‘reassure the American people’.


“Trump can’t Trump that,” he added.

After asking fans to ‘caption this’, responses were mixed. Some were pleased, with one saying ‘you tell her how it is, Matt’ while others added ‘I do not want matt to make political remarks’ and ‘for a band that’s political views are against government corruption I find this photo absolutely hypocritical. All respect lost’.

Last week, the Devonshire ‘Drones’ trio unveiled their ‘Halloween Special’ with a video to accompany their cover of The Cramps’ ‘New Kind Of Kick’. Yesterday, they were back in the UK for the Q Awards were they were named ‘Best Act In The World Today’. After their win, they spoke of what next year has in store.

“We’re going to chill out,” said Bellamy. “We’re going to do some festivals in the US maybe, because we kind of missed that out last summer. If we feel like it we might record a new song or two but I don’t think we’ll do a new album.”




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