Mushroomhead’s Skinny says he regrets Slipknot feud

"We spent a lot of time complaining about them for nothing"

Mushroomhead’s founding drummer Steve “Skinny” Felton has spoken about the band’s infamous feud with fellow masked metallers Slipknot, saying a lot of the band “played it up and had some fun”.

Speaking in a new interview on the Talk Toomey Podcast, Skinny downplayed the seriousness of the two bands squaring off in the 90s.

“I guess it happened and does it fucking matter? I mean, at that point, it’s just like a silly fan-fuelled and media-hyped thing to talk about,” he explained.


“This was the 90s, and so any sort of news was cool – there wasn’t a whole lot back then. And then you get a feud between bands. It’s a kind of East Coast, West Coast type of thing.”

Listen to the full interview with the Mushroomhead frontman below.

Skinny continued: “To even just jump on the bandwagon of talking to the media about it and going, ‘Oh we came first’ – the chicken or the egg and that whole stupid thing,” he says.

“We spent a lot of time complaining about them for nothing! God bless them, they’re still one of the biggest bands out there, man. It proves that masked heavy metal and that style of entertainment is still relevant – it’s still very relevant.”

Slipknot’s Corey Taylor, meanwhile, opened up this week (June 8) on what fans can expect from his upcoming solo album, after recently confirming that he had finished recording it.


“Honestly, we all quarantined for two weeks, including the people in the studio that we worked at, and made sure that we had no contact with anybody else — no outside people — and we just all went in and did it together,” the singer told SiriusXM’s TrunkNation. “And we did 25 songs in two and a half weeks. It was insane.”