Music community responds to Chris Moyles saying “most unsigned artists are crap”

"Every band/ artist starts out unsigned and has to graft to even be noticed"

Bands and figures from the music industry have responded to Chris Moyles’ suggestion that “most unsigned musicians are crap”.

The Radio X DJ made the claim on air during his morning show last week, who was responding to complaints that he doesn’t give rising artists enough airtime.

In response, Moyles said “that’s not what this show is all about”.


He continued: “And the real reason is, and this will blow their tiny minds and they’ll hate this, the reason why we won’t play unsigned bands is because – and there are exceptions to the rule – but the main reason is that most unsigned bands are crap.

“I’m sorry, but that’s the truth.”

Teesside band Benefits are among those to have aired their disapproval of the DJs comments, writing on Twitter: “It’s alright, no big breakfast radio show plays unsigned bands, R1, R2 etc. He’s not John Peel, he’s just a guy at the back end of his career trying to make pay days when he can. He’s a mid tier Britpop band still selling out half decent sized halls, not arenas, and that’s ok.”

They continued: “Coincidentally, speaking of Peel, when he started at R1 in the 90s Peel called him ‘DLT in waiting.’ Moyles response was that Peel was, ‘Kenny Everett-in-waiting, because Kenny Everetts dead and it’s only a matter of time before John pops his clogs”.

“Using ‘it’s just banter’ as an excuse he’s said much worse things than slagging off unsigned bands.”


The Moons founder Andy Croft also responded to Moyles’ claim, writing: “I’d say most signed music is generic and crap these days and they have the leverage to be put out there that unsigned bands don’t.

“Every band/ artist starts out unsigned and has to graft to even be noticed. Don’t piss on their fire.”

Hardwicke Circus posted that it was “shocking”, adding: “Don’t call yourself a DJ when you’re not interested in discovering new music. Outed yourself once again as a completely insipid half-wit.”

You can read some more reactions to Moyles’ comments below.

The DJ’s controversial comments come after he unofficially announced that a new Foo Fighters album was on the way during his breakfast show earlier this month.

Moyles has since spoken on air about the unofficial announcement, noting “I’ve caused a bit of a kerfuffle”.

“I’m in a very uncomfortable cul-de-sac and I don’t really know what to do,” Moyles said, before explaining the situation. “I’ve made the website of another radio station!”

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