“Music helps me when I’m feeling low”: Loyle Carner speaks at NME #Lifehacks

"When something's tough and you have to make something out of nothing, thats that's when the best things come out."

Loyle Carner has explained how he’s often at his most inspired when he experiences tough times, with music allowing him to battle through emotion.

The acclaimed rapper was speaking at NME’s Lifehacks event yesterday, created in partnership with University of Salford, and opened up when asked if he had ever considered quitting music.

“Yeah everyday”, he admitted.


“Luckily it’s the beauty of it. When things are difficult that’s when I make music. I don’t make music when I’m happy because I want to enjoy being happy when I’m being happy.

“Music for me always helped me to make sense of how I was feeling if I was feeling low. When it goes to the point of feeling ‘oh fuck’s sake, this is ridiculous, I want to get out of this it’s boring’, or when people are on my case and they’re doing well and I’m not doing well.

“That’s when the beauty comes out. With anyone I know, the only thing I can attribute it to is that all the best food comes out of poverty. Italian food! Pizza comes out of people having nothing a little bit of dough, tomatoes, and whatever they could put on top of it.”

He added: “It’s the idea of when something’s tough and you have to make something out of nothing, thats that’s when the best things come out.”

During the talk, Carner was joined by England footballer Eni Aluko, who described how it’s vital to find a sweet spot where your skill meets your passion.

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