This music video starring Robert Pattinson and a CGI Iggy Pop will mess with your head

CGI Iggy is pretty creepy.

The music video for Iggy Pop‘s collaboration with Oneohtrix Point Never, ‘The Pure And The Damned’, has dropped today (September 5).

The track features in the new indie thriller Good Time, directed by the Safdie Brothers. The film follows the events of a brother trying to spring his sibling out of jail after a botched bank robbery. It takes place over the course of one night and sees Connie (played by Pattinson) become increasingly ruthless and violent to get what he wants. Oneohtrix Point Never wrote the score.

The Safdie Brothers also direct the music video for ‘The Pure And The Damned’, which features Robert Pattinson playing his character from the film alongside a CGI Iggy Pop.


Watch below.

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Meanwhile, Iggy Pop recently shared his admiration for Sleaford Mods, saying: “I love Sleaford Mods. I think they’re just about the most credible new group going that don’t rely on the old conventions to make the music feel good.”

He also explained why she decided to work with Josh Homme on his acclaimed 2016 album ‘Post Pop Depression’.

“I wanted to do something fresh for me, but I wanted it to be something that could and would communicate to the applicable, current music audience. Josh is a valid, current musician that people listen to. So that was important to me,” Pop said.