Musicians mock government website which offers alternative careers

"Sadly it just gave me 'creative', whatever that is"

Musicians have responded to a government website which offers alternative careers.

Entitled “Discover your skills and careers”, the site asks people “to think about the type of work you want to do. It takes 5 to 10 minutes” which “offers a summary of job groups that might interest you based on your answers, for example creative careers or working in healthcare”.

It comes just hours after a host of artists including Liam Gallagher and Johnny Marr criticised Chancellor Rishi Sunak after he suggested people should “adapt” their jobs during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.


Now musicians have been lining up to mock the website, with Mogwai‘s Stuart Braithwaite writing: “I got Boxer or referee. FFS,” while The Anchoress joked: “To be fair, being a psychiatrist or criminal intelligence analyst isn’t far off my experience so far of producing records or working in the music industry.”

Dan Le Sac, meanwhile, wrote: “Sadly it just gave me ‘creative’, whatever that is.” You can view some of the best responses below.


With early April 2021 earmarked as the earliest date that full capacity gigs might be able to return, a number of musicians, crew, venues and industry bosses have recently warned of bankruptcies and catastrophic damage to the live music sector unless support is provided to mothball the gig sector until it is safe to put shows on.

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